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The artists are Hayden Kays and Chu, both now based in Margate. This
will be their first outing in their new home town and their first
collaboration. The show runs from Sunday 29th - 6th May. Gallery open from 10am-

Hayden Kays is a London and Margate-based artist whose practice encompasses painting, sculpture and printmaking. He is widely described as one of the most provocative artists of his generation for his celebration and critique of the culture industry which demonstrates classically trained sensibilities mediated by thoroughly contemporary concerns.

Kays’ work is characterised by bold imagery, often drawn from popular culture and art history, acerbic word-play, traditional craftsmanship and deadpan humour. Using everyday references and wry witticisms, his work relates to and subverts the canon of the Pop Artists of the 1950s and the Young British Artists movement of the 1990s.

Chu Exploring (literally) new perspectives and embracing computer-aided technologies, Chu’s work has continued to push back the boundaries of graffiti since he first began experimenting with aerosol paint & home computers in the early 1980’s. Chu describes his creations as gently reminding us of the everyday conflict between digital and analogue devices.

During his 30 years of experience, he has successfully gained a reputation working with some of the most culturally influential artists of our time. Projects with the Google’ Tilt Brush Artist in Residence programme, working as consultant for the artist known as Banksy, and Jamie Hewlett, collaborating at the Swiss Embassy in London and for the groundbreaking opera ‘Monkey Journey to the West.’ being a few of the highlights he is humbly proud to mention. An ardent defender in the use of aerosol paint since 1988, starting out in the Midlands, and now living in Margate pursuing a studio career.

Later Event: May 26